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Last updated on February 3, 2021.

Regarding the university's opening hours

The University Library, Restaurant Västan and Centralcafét are open. Due to Corona and the spread of infection, other premises are closed to non-students and staff for a period.
You can find opening hours here

Decision for activities on campus during the spring term 2021

University West has a responsibility to contribute to reducing the spread of infection and follows the Swedish Public Health Agency's general and preventive advice for activities.

All activities that are not necessary to carry out on campus, shall be carried out digitally, with the following clarifications:

For the education, including the third-cycle studies

  • Teaching and examination shall take place at a distance during the period. Exceptions are only made for teaching and examinations that are not possible to carry out other than through physical participation. Exceptions are granted by the responsible head of department. For the occasions when teaching or examination must take place on campus, the greatest possible adaptation must be made to reduce the risk of the spread of infection.

  • The head of department is responsible for ensuring that the changes to the course's compulsory elements and examination, that are carried out due to adaptation in accordance to the Vice-Chancellor´s policy decision, are quality assured and documented.

For the operations in general

  • Staff who do not have to be at campus to maintain the necessary activities shall work from home. Your nearest manager assesses the possibility with regard to operations and work environment.
  • all conferences and meetings shall, as far as possible, take place digitally.

This decision is based on the recommendations of the government and the responsible authorities. If changed recommendations, new decisions will be taken.

New strengthened advice

As of 14 December, stricter national regulations and general guidelines on everyone's responsibility to prevent covid-19 infection apply. Read more on website (in english).

For current decisions, ongoing proposals etc. due to Corona, read about this on the government's website.

More information to students and staff

Contact person

University West management board for a distance mode

Contact the web editor if there are any problems on the website