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The information on this page is updated continuously.

On October 29, The Swedish Public Health Agency announced new general guidelines which have now been extended until 13 December. Now it is extra important that we all take our responsibility. We avoid social contacts as much as possible  and stay at home when we feel the slightest symptom.

Work from home/on campus 

As a starting point, the Public Health Agency's general advice is that employees should work from home if possible.

Important right now:

Work from home as much as possible. Have a dialogue with your nearest manager whether you need to be on campus or not.

All meetings - both internal and external - should, if possible, take place digitally. The same applies to conferences, events etc.

Avoid receiving external visits on campus.

As before, we do not arrange events on campus, neither with internal nor external participants.

During November and December, we will not be able to arrange digital events ourselves, which presupposes that a number of people need to gather in a small studio during the actual production/broadcast. 

In the Staff Portal you will find more information about the examinations. You find the information under the headings "Examining Online" och "Vice Chancellor´s decision, September 2020".


You can send your questions and needs regarding distance education to


Here you find all information about teaching both at a distance and on campus (link to the Staff Portal). Information on this page is updated continuously.

What applies to staff at a risk?

Staff at a risk who need to work from home, please talk to your nearest manager - this is based on Vice-Chancellor´s policy decision concerning adapted return to campus, June 8. Intensive work is also ongoing to adapt common areas on campus based on current recommendations.

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