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The Handbook of Salutogenesis 

Comprehensive overview of salutogenesis and its contribution to health promotion theory written by thought leaders at the International Union for Health Promotion and Education Features a major section summarising the research in salutogenesis in non-English literatures

About this book: This in-depth survey of salutogenesis shows the breadth and strengths of this innovative perspective on health promotion, health care, and wellness. Background and historical chapters trace the development of the salutogenic model of health, and flesh out the central concepts, most notably generalised resistance resources and the sense of coherence, that differentiate it from pathogenesis. From there, experts describe a range of real-world applications within and outside health contexts, from positive psychology to geriatrics, from small towns to corrections facilities, and from school and workplace to professional training. Perspectives from scholars publishing in languages other than English show the global relevance of the field. 

Salutogenes – om hälsans ursprung (this book is written in Swedish) 

 Salutogenic organizations and change


Brings together the mental models of health intervention researchers in organizations Provides insights into current approaches to intervention research in the field Shows future directions and developments for health-oriented change in organizations

Health, stress and coping, by Antonovsky (a copy)

Unravling the Mystery of Health (a copy)


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