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Ten companies involved

Within SiCoMap there are around ten companies involved and each company has defined a research project and one or more research questions. From each company there are two representatives; one person acting as assisting supervisor for the Ph.D. student and one responsible manager. Their work is focused on securing the interests of the company and to make sure that the project is well established within the organization.  They are also intended to participate in seminars held within the research school. There are one or two Ph.D. students connected to each project and they each have a main supervisor and assisting supervisor. The projects are carried out in close cooperation between the involved company and the research teams within the vital environment of Production Technology West at University West.

Coordinating group

A coordinating group consisting of the company manager, the company supervisor, and academic supervisors, is supporting the Ph.D. student to make sure that the student reaches his or her goals and fulfills the project assignments. Twice every year the Ph.D. student is expected to arrange a meeting for this supportive group and present project progress from both an industrial and academic perspective.

Operative managemant

To coordinate the projects there is an operative management at University West consisting of

  • a director, Per Nylén
  • a program secretary and coordinator, Anna-Karin Christiansson
  • and two administrators; Linn G. Christiernin and temporary Viktoria Sjöstedt. 

The main focus of the operative management is to make sure that involved parties have proper contracts and project ideas, as well as take care of all academic administration and assist the Ph.D students when needed. They are also responsible for courses, seminars, academic supervision and other activities the Ph.D. student is intended to participate in. They should also strive for increasing internal and external dialog between the involved parties. It should be pointed out that all academic administration of the Ph.D. students, like individual study plans, courses etc., is performed within the already existing organization and framework of regulations at University West.

Advisory Board

To coordinate the activities of the research school, maintain quality and protect industrial interests a SiCoMap Advisory Board is assigned, consisting of representatives from the industry and the university. The majority of the board members and also the chairman are industry representatives to maintain the important focus on competitive applied research.

Johan Vallhagen, GKN Aerospace

Director University West
Per Nylén

Program secretary
Anna-Karin Christiansson

Linn Gustavsson Christiernin
Victoria Sjöstedt