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The Vice Chancellor tasks an HR strategist for Equal Terms and the Coordination Group for Equal Terms with planning and coordinating for a level playing field. The coordinator/HR-specialist initiates and process plans the university’s overarching project that deals with questions of equal terms for all. The project is carried out in close coordination with the student ombudsman/lawyer, the Coordinator for Students with Disabilities, the Centre for Diversity, HR, and the Student Union. Proposals, documents, schemes, and implementation of the project to create a level playing field are processed in the Coordination Group for Equal Terms. This group discusses, proposes, and formulates goals and measures in the effort to establish a level playing field and discusses current events and issues related to this area as well as supporting the divisions in their local efforts.

The chairperson of the Coordination Group for Equal Terms is the Pro-Vice-Chancellor. The Coordination Group is also made up of representatives from leadership in the divisions (which together with the heads of these divisions are tasked with overseeing, promoting, and coordinating the effort to create a level playing field at the division level), co-workers who are experts in this area, and representatives of the employees and the students.

Representatives in the Coordination Group

Beatrice Löfström, Coordinator/HR-specialist
Jan Theliander, Chairperson of the Coordination Group for Equal Terms is the Pro-Vice-Chancellor
The Student Union
Elisabeth Jansson, representative from leadership in Department of Social and Behavioural Studies
Ulla Fredriksson Larsson, representative from leadership in Department of Health Sciences
Åsa Axgärde, representative from leadership in Department of Engineering Science
Hanna Gadd, representative from leadership in Study and Academic Support, Library and Educational Development
Maria Erlander, Coordinator for Students with Disabilities
Linda Severinson, representative from leadership in University Administration
Christian Master Östlund, representative from leadership in School of Business, Economics and IT
Carina Kullgren, Lecturer
Fredrik Sunnemark, Lecturer and Centrumledare Mångfaldscentrum
Victoria Sjöstedt, representative ST-The Union of Civil Servants
Susanne Rath, representative SACO


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