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For University West, this means that teaching in the autumn will be conducted in a mixed format, with parts on campus and parts through distance education. To minimize the spread of infection, the number of seats in classrooms will be limited and scheduled hours will be increased. When planning the autumn's teaching activities on campus, the following priorities apply:

  • Introduction and certain teaching of new programme students (students who started/start their education in the spring or autumn of 2020)

  • Teaching parts with aesthetic, practical and laboratory elements for all students that are not possible or not suitable to carry out in any way other than on campus.

  • Examinations that are not possible or not suitable to carry out in any other way other than on campus.

What does it mean for my education?

This is a complicated situation and difficult to plan. Therefore, we cannot give you as good, clear and early information as we would like. We know that this does not give you as a student optimal conditions, but we hope for understanding and indulgence.

Information about your course and how your classes will be conducted will be published on the Canvas learning platform before the autumn term starts. There you can see which lectures will be on campus in Trollhättan and which will be given digitally so that you can take part in them from home. Go to Canvas.


The schedule will be preliminary and changes will be made continuously until the start of the semester and maybe even after. We need to take into account the following:

  • Our premises have been adapted to contain fewer places to follow the recommendations of the Public Health Authority. This means that we can have significantly fewer students on campus at the same time.

  • If you read full-time studies, you can therefore expect that the teaching can take place from 08:00 to 18:00, Monday to Friday and that changes can be made with a short advance.

  • You will be able to see your schedule in our learning platform Canvas, but as told it is only preliminary. We know that these are not optimal conditions for you as a student, but we hope for understanding and compassion.

Prior to the start of the semester, the university is now working on adapting teaching rooms, staff rooms and general areas to reduce the risk of spreading infection. In the process of adapting the premises, we follow as far as possible the advice of the Public Health Authority for activities.

NOTE! Everyone has an individual responsibility

  • Stay at home if you are ill, and even in mild symptoms
  • Wash your hands
  • Keep distance
  • Avoid crowds as much as possible

Examinations week 35 (end of August)

The examaniations conducted during week 35 are conducted digitally and remotely.

Check your information in Ladok

In the current situation, it is important that we can send information to you. Log in to Ladok and select My Pages. Make sure your email and phone number are correct. Log in to Ladok.

Digital examination

  • All digital examinations are conducted via Canvas, where current requirements for being examined appear on the respective course page. Please note that it is always the examination course of the current course that applies regardless of previous implementation and form.

  • If you do not have access to the course's Canvas page, you need to contact the Service Center well in advance to access it. Fill out the form found on the Contact and Visit page. Select "Tillgång till kurs i Canvas".

  • For examinations conducted digitally during this period, no registration is made in Ladok. For some courses, your teacher may want you to sign up for the examination, in that case you'll find the information about how to proceed at the course page in Canvas.

  • Those who are entitled to adaptation should email at least ten days before the examination day.

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