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  • Library in University West
  • Gregarts bookshop
  • Course literature, market place for used literature
  • Sell/Buy, forum Student Union website (in swedish)

In each students kitchenette there is a notice board for advertising. There are also facebook pages that students create around course literature.

Gregarts bookshop

Gregarts bookshop are in the D-house on level 2 (D205).

Opening hours

  • Wednesdays 11-14
  • We are closed in June and July
  • We will reopen in August

Contact Information:

Phone. +46 520 22 39 90
Contact person for the Department of Social and Behavioural Studies and Health Sciences: Martin Berndtsson, e-mail:

Contact person for the School of Business, Economics and IT and Department of Engineering Science: Richard Berndtsson, e-mail:

Compendium, reserve or order books and other information:
Gregarts can also help sell your used books.

Contact the web editor if there are any problems on the website