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If you are going to study at University West for a longer period, it might be useful for you to open an account in a Swedish bank. To open a bank account you need:
Letter of Acceptance Valid passport Address in Sweden Application Form (from International Office)
It is important to close the account before leaving Sweden.
Credit cards are widely accepted in Sweden. In many cases it's good to have one with a pin code. Commonly accepted cards are Visa, MasterCard, Eurocard and American Express.

Payment of bills

Students staying in Sweden for a shorter period of time, for example one semester, does not need to open up a bank account. The monthly cost for the bank account is virtually the same as the cost of paying one bill at Svea Exchange in town center.

If you do not have a Swedish bank account and internet bank, you can pay your bill/s by card or cash at Svea Exchange in town center, or at any local bank (but they charge more for this service).


The Swedish Post Office has recently been restructured. Large mail and packages will not be delivered to your door, but needs to be picked up. Depending on the deliviery address, you will receive notification on where to pick it up. There are two places at Lantmannavägen (one is the OKQ8 gas station by Lantmannavägen accommodation). The one closest to campus is ICA Supermarket Oden, at Kungsgatan 30, downtown.


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