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Adjustment on final exam

As a student you are responsible to apply for adjustment at each final exam, to receive the support your are recommended and wish to have.

You have to apply for adjustment no later than 10 days before the exam, by sending an email to, with following information:

  • Your name
  • Date of the exam
  • Time for the exam
  • Course Course code
  • Examiner/responsible teacher
  • Specify your adjustment on the current exam
  • Phone number

Note! You must also register on Ladok

Examples of adjustments:

  • Examination in a smaller group
  • Extra time
  • Provision of equipment, like a laptop

Note-taking support

You can have assistance with making notes during teaching sessions and scheduled seminars. A fellow student in the same study group provides this support.


A mentor can help you with assistance with planning and structuring your studies, if you find that difficult because of your disability. The mentor is a student on University West who has experience of higher education.

Lecture materials

You can ask your teacher if you can get access to the lecture material in advance, as reading material.

Talking books

The coordinator for students with disabilities will contact the library, if you are in need of talking books. You can use a computer, portable reading devices or a mobile for listening to the talking books.

Speech synthesis

The software TorTalk is installed on the computers at the university. TorTalk is a speech synthesis that you can use to read the text on the screen.

Read more at the TorTalk webpage

Resource room

There is a resource room in the library (D239) at the university. You must contact the coordinator for students with disabilities to get access. When you have accessibility you make your own bookings here:

The softwares installed on the computers in the resource room are:

  • Stava Rex
  • SpellRight
  • EasyReader
  • TorTalk

If any of the softwares are not working properly, report to


Contact the web editor if there are any problems on the website