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exchange possibilites applicable for all programme students

  • For all students - regardless of which programme you are studying - there is the possibility to do an exchange period abroad for one or two semesters directly after you have finished your programme studies, provided you do not apply for your degree until you have completed the stay abroad. Read more here (pages in Swedish)
  • Contact your departmental coordinator to find out what possibilites for abroad studies you have within your programme - are you able to do a full semester or a shorter period of time?
  • Make sure to be out in time as some of our programmes and study places needs appying for well in advance due to time needed for preparation of stay etc.

recommended partners for specific programmes

School of Business, Economics and IT
International Programme in Politics and Economics (IPPE)
Ekonomprogrammet/Bachelor of Science Programme in Business and Economics

Department of Engineering Science
Undergraduate programmes
Network Technology
Mechanical Engineering
Industrial Engineering and Management

Graduate programmes
Advanced Manufacturing
Robotics and Automation

Department of Health Science
Undergraduate programmes
Nursing Programme
Social psychiatric care

Graduate programmes
Nursing Programme, Advanced level

summer schools

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