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To log in to Office 365, enter your username followed by This may look like this:
Then enter your ordinary password.

To Office 365

More about the different parts of office 365

Email and Calendar - Outlook

Email with an inbox of 50 GB storage per user, shared calendars and tools for task management. Attach files up to 18 MB.

Store Files - OneDrive for Business

Each user get their own storage space of 1TB in Microsoft OneDrive for Business. The maximum size of each file is 2GB. Share documents easily with others. Get started with Onedrive for Business.

Office Web Apps

Create and edit Word, OneNote, PowerPoint and Excel documents from any web browser.

Office 365 - ProPlus (free to download)

Office software package for download and installation on your personal computer.
Go to the page about Office software for private computer.

Skype for Business - Webb Conferencing

Screen sharing with one click, video conferencing with HD quality and whiteboard. Excellent for distance learning. More about Skype for Business.


The most common problems when trying to sign in to Office 365 are:

  1. You receive error message: Error
    Cause: You are already logged in to the same service, but with a different account, such as your personal Hotmail account.
    Solution: Log out of your private Live / Outlook / Hotmail account or use a different web browser for the university e-mail.

  2. You receive error message: There is no such Microsoft-konto.../That Microsoft account does not exist ...
    Cause: You are trying to log in with your email address.
    Solution: Log in with your anvä


Your email address is constructed as follows: You get an additional number after the name if any other account holder has the same name as you.

Search email addresses

You have access to all e-mail addresses of students and staff at the university, by "Search Student or Staff" in "My Account". This means, of course, that your e-mail address is also available to students and staff at the university.

E-mail - spam protection

Our spam protection (spam = undesired e-mail) classifies e-mail messages as spam according to certain rules. Thereafter some e-mails will be moved to the Junk Mail folder depending on which of our spam filters is beeing used. Spam will be tagged with either --SPAM-- or ++SPAM++ in the subject-line.

Please note! It is important that you check the junk mail folder frequently because email can be incorrectly classified as spam, and in such cases report this to servicecenter so that we can adjust this.


Less important email is automatically moved to a separate folder!

"Clutter" is a feature in Outlook, which allows low-priority email to be sorted out and moved to a separate folder automatically. This folder is called "Clutter".

How does it work?

This function sorts the emails with a low priority. Which emails that are considered to have low priority is controlled by which emails you have previously ignored. Thereafter these emails are moved automatically to the Clutter folder. You can get the system to quickly learn which emails that are less important, by manually moving them to the Clutter folder.

Please note that important emails accidentally may be moved to the Clutter folder. Therefore, it is important that you now and then check the emails in the Clutter folder and move those who shouldn't be there to your normal inbox.

You can turn off "Clutter"

If you do not want any email to be moved to Clutter you should disable this feature. In such cases, do this:

  1. Log into Office 365. Go to Mail.
  2. Go to Settings (the cogwheel), Mail, Automatic Processing, Clutter.
  3. Uncheck "Separate items identified as Clutter".
  4. Click Save.
  5. The folder Clutter is still there but no more emails will be moved into it.

You can read more about Clutter in Office 365 help.


One year after your last registration on a course with us, your account will be closed. This means that you will no longer be able to access your files, email, OneDrive or Microsoft Office software if you have installed Office 365 ProPlus with your University West license. Remember to copy the data (files, emails and attachments) that you want to save before your account is closed!


For problems with e-mail you can turn to Servicecenter. For other services please consult


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