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Access to Canvas

If you want to do a reexamination or submit an assignment, you need access to the learning platform Canvas only.  E-mail your request to Servicecenter. Be sure to write down the course code, your personal identity number and the reason why you need access to the course in your message to Servicecenter so they can help you.


A re-registration is necessary when you need to follow lectures on an unfinished course. If you want to apply for a re-registration, you can apply by filling out the form below.
You can apply for a re-registration at the earliest 4 weeks before the course starts.

In some cases you may be notified if your re-registration is granted or not after the course has started. You will then be notified by e-mail.

Important information:

  • If you are already registered for 45 HE credits, you must contact a study- and career counsellor before applying for re-registration.
  • If you are granted a re-registration, you will automatically gain access to the course material on our learning platform.

If you need study guidance or help with study technique, contact a study- and career counsellor by emailing

We need to save your personal information to decide on re-registration. Your personal information will not be shared. All data that can be linked to your person is handled in accordance to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Read more about GDPR and how we handle your personal data here.

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