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Parking requires special permission, which is retrived from the Serivcecenter. Payment instructions are available at the parking lot.

PARKing for students and staff

You get parking permits at servicecenter. Drivers licens is required. It is valid from August to June.

For green vehicles: Ordinary fees applies.


Free parking is available at the Ice rink; Isstadion/Ishallen (kartlänk approximately 600 meters from the university. Note! On the upper parking lot, top to the left. No permit is required.

PARKERING for disabled

Parking for the disabled is available next to the entrance. Parking is free, provided you have a valid parking permit for the disabled.

MOTORCycle- and moped parking

Motorcycle parking is free in the car park. Mopeds parked in bike rack suitable behind the B building.

bicycle parking

Bicycle parking place in bake racks outside the buildings. Bicycles may not be broutht into the buildning.

map over campus and parking

campus overview eng

Map adapted for printing

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