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About the conference

This is the 5th Conference on Cracking Phenomena in Welding and Additive Manufacturing that follows four successful events in 2004, 2007, 2010, and 2014.

The purpose of the conference is to gather international experts to discuss cracking phenomena associated with welding and additive manufacturing, from both a scientific and practical standpoint.

Topics include solidification and liquation cracking, ductility-dip cracking, reheat and stress-relief cracking, hydrogen-induced cracking, weldability testing, simulation and modeling, measurement and quantification, and remedial measures.

Peer-reviewed proceedings of the workshop will be published. Proceedings from previous conferences have been highly cited and are valuable resources for engineers and scientists.

For whom?

Academics and industrial researchers to present and highlight their most recent findings in the field. Of course, we also welcome attendants who do not intend to present, but who have a genuine interest in the cracking phenomena!

Submission of abstracts

Take the opportunity to share your research! Abstracts of 200-300 words should be submitted through this email address: at latest 29th November, 2024.


University West is located in the city of Trollhättan, Sweden. The town is beautifully situated along the Göta River and has a rich history of industry and innovation and is today home to many large, medium and small manufacturing companies.

How much?

The registration fee is 3500 SEK (300 Euro) which includes a copy of the proceedings, lunches, a cocktail reception and post-workshop tour. The fee for students who are currently enrolled at a university is 1750 SEK (150 Euro).


The conference registration is open from 7th July, 2024. Register now!

Conference committee

Prof. Emeritus John C. Lippold (The Ohio State University, USA)
Prof. Carolin Fink (The Ohio State University, USA)
Dr. Elin M. Westin (voestalpine Böhler Welding, Austria)
Prof. Maria Asuncion Valiente Bermejo (University West, Sweden)


University West is hosting the conference this year, and The Ohio State University, voestalpine Böhler Welding and the International Institute of Welding are co-organizing.


Please contact Maria Asuncion Valiente Bermejo,


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