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A grant to support travel and accommodation will be awarded to students participating in the course.

Are you interested in releasing your norm creativity and your innovative learning skills about how increased elements of Norm Consciousness can be a resource-efficient way to strive towards healthcare equality and social sustainability in society?

Would you like to work with students from other European countries and discuss, together create, and set a track for the future of Norm Consciousness in relation to Health? - do apply to this course!

In the course: Norm-Consciousness and Health, 7,5 HE Credits, the concerns of healthcare inequity; questions of inclusion and diversity and the power structures that work for and against will be scrutinized by utilizing a variety discovery-based aesthetic learning principles in workshops and laboratory group assignments. Results from the work- shops such as artifacts, digital material and other results will create a foundation of the Norm Lab that will be produced through the course events.

Who can take this course?
You need to be enrolled in a program related to health or social work at HV to join the course. You also need to understand and make your- self understood in English. Five students will be able to participate from University West. Students from universities in Czech Republic, Portugal who is a part of the Breaking Fences Project will also partic- ipate. In total 15 students will join the course in Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, Portugal.

The course will give you 7,5 ECTS in the subject of Caring after com- pletion. Preparatory work equivalent to 1 ½ ECTS will be conducted before the travel to Portugal June 10-14 with digital course start 24 of April.

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What to do?

Write a short letter and explain why you would like to take part  Apply latest 15/2 2024 by contacting Carl Fredrik Milles, in this course, including a short presentation of yourself and why or Henrik Eriksson, henrik.eriksson@ you are interested in the subject. Attached with this you also Your international coordinator can answer general ques- need to provide information about: your name, Date of birth and  tions conserning mobility and student exchange.


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