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Why take this course?

Are you interested in getting to know more about norm - consciousness?

In this course, you will get an introduction. We will discuss subjects like equal treatment, social justice, the creation of more equal relationships, and the power structure that may exist between care providers and clients/patients. You will have the opportunity to develop your skills with different methods that promote equal treatment.We will discuss norms and values that contribute to our identity, group affiliation, and perceptions of normality.

Would you like to meet students from other Nordic countries and discuss, get inspired, and learn more about norm–consciousness? Apply to this course!

Who can take this course?

The course is aimed at students from partner universities in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, and Sweden who are part of the Nordplus cooperation.

You need to have Basic competence and 60 ECTS within the main area of nursing or equivalent to join the course. You also need to understand and make yourself understood in English.

What to do

Contact your universities’ international coordinator. Write a short motivation letter and explain why you would like to take part in this course. Justify how the subject can have significance for your studies and your future profession.

Information to attach to the application: Day of birth, first name, second name, sex, and University.

Apply latest 1/3 2024 to your international coordinator.


It presupposes preparatory work corresponding to 1 ½ ECTS before the course begins in June 2024. The course will give you 3 ECTS after completing the course and passing the grade.

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Course goals

  • Identify, analyze, and argue for the importance of a
  • norm-conscious approach in health and social care.
  • Describe and explain the scientific basis of existing social
    hierarchy, power structures, and intersectionality Competence and skills.
  • Apply knowledge of social categories in health and social care
  • Identify and justify the importance of equal and unequal structures at different levels in health and social care
  • Judgement and approach.
  • Reflect on and critically evaluate a professional approach to norms.
  • Reflect on and critically evaluate norms in relation to health and social care.

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